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Riba Is Evil

$4.8 trillion is the Riba on U.S. debt.

The sad thing is that some Muslims still believe in interests or argue that interests-based economy is the solution.

Just remember, if something is good, Allah won’t make it Haram. Because Allah is the all-knowing and the most merciful.

Interest/Riba is Evil.

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“Muslims” Credit Cards: Yes for Riba, No for Service

It’s known that the credit card industrydepends on the interests that customers pay. So for a credit card issuer to gain customers, other than offering good interests rate and terms, it also has to offer some services (e.g. in case of disputing fraudulent transactions).

However, in Muslim countries, credit card issuers copied the haram part (riba/interests) from non-Muslims and left out the halal part (customer service).

Since late October when the problem first erupted, Moulana has received little help in rectifying the fraudulent charges. In spite of his daily calls to get assistance from National Commercial Bank’s customer service hotline, the bank has been adding on delinquent fees for not paying the minimum payment on his credit card each month.

BTW, on the topic of credit cards, many young Muslims don’t know about the danger of over spending. I personally know many good brothers from good families end up with a huge credit card debt while in college. Really, masjids should devote some khutbahs and workshop for this topic to educate both parents and youths.

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