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Piety and Profits

A brother shared this interesting study about how business is better in Ramadan :)

Here is an abstract of the study:

Piety and Profits: Stock Market Anomaly during the Muslim Holy Month* by Jedrzej Bialkowski**, Ahmad Etebari***, Tomasz Piotr Wisniewski****

Observed by more than 1.5 billion Muslims, Ramadan is one of the most celebrated religious rituals in the world. We investigate stock returns during Ramadan for 14 predominantly Muslim countries over the years 1989-2007. The results show that stock returns during Ramadan are almost nine times higher and less volatile than during the rest of the year. No discernible difference in trading volume is recorded. We find these results consistent with a notion that Ramadan positively affects investor psychology, as it promotes feelings of solidarity and social identity among Muslims world-wide, leading to optimistic beliefs that extend to investment decisions

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What to venture in to earn halal money?

Ask Ibn Halal: We’ve received this question.

salam u seem to know alot i think about business etc

what in this credit crunch can we venture in to earn halal money?



wa alaikum assalam bro Faisal,

It all depends on what assets you have. Assets can be money, telnet, contacts, …

In general, we need to go back to basics, i.e. real stuff: gold, farming, and economies that produce real substances and sustained by population who have savings not credit cards. According to some surveys, Bangladesh is one of the emerging markets that is not affected by the current financial crisis.

What about if someone who doesn’t have money and have skills, say eCommerce? You use your skills and build a service or product for a market that can sustain your business.

Here are some videos for your reference. Notice that the point of view of these videos are obviously biased, so do your own research as well and consult a professional before making a decision, and always pray Istikhara.

Jim Rogers about getting into farming and water treatment in Asia

Peter Schiff on gold and China

Back to basics and fundamentals (commodity and farming)

and Allah knows best

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