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Muslim Purchase Power

Big trees attracts wind.” This phrase means when you are big enough you attract attention. The good news is the Muslim population in France is big enough to attract non-Muslim fast food chains to sell Halal meat and remove pork from their menu; the not so good news is the controversy over such business moves.

Halal meat, or meat slaughtered in line with Muslim tradition, is at the centre of a political controversy.

Quick – a fast-food French restaurant chain – is testing out a new niche market, withdrawing all pork products from the menu and serving only halal meat in some of its branches.

Experts say that with more than 5 million French Muslims who are potential customers, Quick is targeting a booming market: the $7.5bn halal business.

But the mayor of Roubaix, a French town near the northern city of Lille, has launched a law suit against the food chain, arguing that it constituted “discrimination” against non-Muslims.

And Marine Le Pen, the vice-president of the far-right National Front party, has warned of “Islamisation”.

Al Jazeera’s Estelle Youssouffa reports from Paris.

Source: Al Jazeera

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Buy Muslim

Some encourage Muslims to buy from Muslim-owned businesses only.

Maggie Anderson and her family are conducting an “Empowerment Experiment:” Patronize black-owned businesses only, for a year.

Listen to her interview at NPR Talk of the Nation The Andersons Experiment With Buying Black

What do you think? Would you only buy form Muslim-owned businesses? Is it beneficial?

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Halal Opportunities in the Riba Economical Crisis

A Live event (you can attend on the web or by calling in)
Sunday Nov 16th 1pm-2pm (California time)

Click to find your local time

The talk will cover:

  • Fundamentals of Rizq and wealth from an Islamic perspective
  • Why Haram is bad (what went wrong in this crisis)
  • Opportunities in this life and in the hereafter
  • This talk is unconventional, based on alternative wisdom, to alert you to ask the right questions

Part of the talk was giving as a khutbah, and has received EXCELLENT reviews, alhamdulillah.


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