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Pitching to Venture Capitalists

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How to start an online venture by ProductiveMuslim

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Not-for-profit & for-profit can coexist

Listen to this interview with Joi Ito on BBC.

Joi Ito is an investor in early stage internet projects, including Twitter and Flickr. He has many interesting ideas and view points.

His idea of networking and getting things done are so similar to what we are doing at

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Ask Bilal AbulSalaam

HalalBucks monthly event.

A conversation with the founder of ABDUL-SALAAM TIMEPIECES.

When: Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:00 am (Pacific Time)

Bilal Abdul Salaam was a radio host, music producer, and assistant to Will Smith. He worked in product placement of high end watches and founded his Abdul Salaam timepiece company.

Join the mailing list to know about the details of this event.

Post your questions here for brother Bilal.

Here is the link to find out event details (you can attend by phone or online)

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Perspectives on Job

Q: How do you find a job when most companies aren’t hiring?

A: Make your own work.

Click here to listen to commentator Charles Handy explains.

Charles Handy is a management consultant and a founder of the London Business School. His most recent book is called “Myself, and Other More Important Matters.”

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