A few months back we started a HalalBucks Pioneer club on and we accomplished at least one project :)

Here is the result of the project: Baba Ali sold more Kalimaat games in one month than he did in the whole year for his last game. Special thanks to for selling the games in Canada.

So, many members liked the idea of the club. However, this time we are going to modify the format of the club a little bit. The old format was all members focus on one project each month, but it was quite demanding considering everyone is busy with own projects.

So, here is the new format, each member help someone else, why?

The new idea is inspired by the authentic Hadith collected by Imam Muslim,

والله في عون العبد ما كان العبد في عون أخيه
“And Allah is in the assistance of the servant, so long the servant is in the assistance of his brother.”

So, as a member you serve another member (or many other members) at least once a month so you get Allah’s help.

The club will also solve another dilemma, which is how to avoid shameless self promotion :)

It’s awkward to self promote your business with your family and friends, and even when they know about your products, you often end up giving them for free.

With this club, at various social events, you can easily promote your friends’ services to your social circles based on the circumstances. At the same time, you get help from Allah for helping others.

So, want to join the club?

All those who paid for HalalBucks pioneer club will get to join the new club automatically. If you want to join, you need to be approved and pay a monthly fee ($20 USD).

Here are some FAQ:

If I’m serving others, why should I pay $20?
Well, money is the best way to formalize a contract. Otherwise, nobody takes things seriously.

Why should you get the $20, not just giving the money to the one who helped me?
The whole beauty of this club is nobody is looking to get paid back by any human beings. We are helping others so Allah will help us. As for who gets the $20, it’s a maintenance fee. Also, as a concrete value, we will, inshaAllah, promote your business through our network as well, so that’s just an added bonus for you.

Can I try your service?
You can click on the button below and get 3 weeks trial for $3 a week. If you don’t like it at the end, we refund you all your payment. So you basically get 3 weeks trial.

What if there are haram products/services that I don’t want to promote?
We take who qualifies to join the club very seriously. They have to be halal, and also the rest of the members have the veto right to object to a new member.

How can I join?
You click on the subscribe button. You don’t necessarily need a Paypal account, you can use your bank card to pay as well.